Saturday, May 2, 2009

Daniel goes to the Orchid to convince Pierre Chang to evacuate the island, more journal pages

Daniel and Miles are sitting in front of the Orchid station construction site as Daniel looks through his journal. Pierre Chang arrives in one of the vans and Daniel says "Right on time." Daniel heads towards the Orchid after Pierre goes in.

As Daniel is on the elevator going underground, he is reading his journal (you can see some enhanced shots of the journal pages below). Once he reaches the underground Orchid station, it becomes clear that we are seeing Daniel's point of view of the opening scene of season 5 (see the screens here). He bumps into Pierre Chang and goes to where the workers had been drilling.

Daniel runs back through the tunnel to talk to Pierre and he reminds him that they met three years ago when he arrived at the barracks with LaFleur (Sawyer). Daniel tells Pierre to order the evacuation of every man, woman and child on the island. He continues saying that the drilling at the Orchid unleashed some electromagnetism. Pierre tells him that it's now contained. Daniel says that it's contained there, but in about six hours at the Swan station site, that the same thing is going to happen and the energy there is about 30,000 times more powerful. He says the accident is going to be catastrophic. Pierre asks what qualifies Daniel to make such a prediction. Daniel tells him "I'm from the future."

Outside of the station, Daniel is still trying to convince Pierre to do what he says, but Pierre thinks that Daniel is just mocking him because he overheard him mention time travel. Daniel asks Pierre to look at his journal where there are equations that won't be written for another 20 years. Miles who overheard the mention of Daniel being from the future comes over and tells Pierre that he thinks Daniel had too many drugs on the submarine trip. Daniel interrupts and tells Pierre that Miles is his son. Daniel points out that a Chinese man named Miles shows up with him from the future and asks if he really thinks it's a coincidence. Pierre asks Miles if what Daniel says is true and Miles denies that it is. Pierre then tells Daniel to stay away from him.

Miles pulls Daniel away and asks him what he's doing. Daniel says that he's just making sure that Pierre is doing what he is supposed to do. Miles asks what that is and Daniel just says "You'll see."

So Daniel seems to be on a path to make sure that the island is evacuated before "the incident" occurs and he's willing to play every card he has to make sure that it happens. Also, is the pocket of energy below the Swan the same type of energy that is below the Orchid? If so, is there some ancient ruins or something similar to the donkey wheel below the Swan site? It would seem that Pierre might actually believe some of what Daniel was saying. If one person would believe that Daniel and Miles could be from the future, it would be Pierre.

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