Thursday, April 30, 2009

Desmond is rushed to the hospital, Eloise Hawking visits Penny

In the opening scene of "The Variable" we see Desmond being rushed into the hospital on a gurney after being shot by Ben. Penny is following the medical workers carrying little Charlie Hume. A paramedic says that he's crashing and a doctor tells Penny that she'll have to stay there and wait for news. Charlie calls out for his daddy.

Later, in the waiting room, Charlie is sleeping on a couch as Penny looks over him. Ms. Eloise Hawking slowly walks into the room and asks Penny how old her son is. Penny tells her that he's two and Eloise says that he has his father's hair. Penny says "I'm sorry, do I know you?" Eloise tells her that she knows Desmond and that it is her son's fault that Desmond was shot. Penny asks "You son is Benjamin Linus?" and Eloise replies "Good lord no" in an offended tone. Eloise then tells Penny that her son is Daniel Faraday.

It seems pretty weird that there was no visible bullet wound when Desmond was shot in "Dead is Dead" and he was able to beat the crap out of Ben, but know he's seriously wounded and crashing. It's a little thing though.

Why exactly has Eloise Hawking come to the hospital to talk to Penny? Is she really sorry for setting the events leading to Desmond being shot in motion or is this the start of an attempt to get Desmond back to the island?

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