Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sawyer shows Jack that Phil is being held captive in a closet

Back at the barracks, Daniel asks Miles to take him to the Orchid station immediately. They jump in a Dharama jeep as Jack comes outside to question Daniel what he meant when he said that his mother was wrong. Daniel tells Jack that he has a errand to run and he'll be right back.

Jack goes to Sawyer's house and tells him that Daniel came back to the island on the submarine and came to his house and started talking nonsense. Sawyer tells Jack that he'd "love to trade theories about this" but he's busy right now. Jack asks him what he's busy with at 6 o'clock in the morning. Juliet tells Sawyer to tell Jack. Sawyer tells Jack to come inside and he tells Jack that Phil has a video of himself and Kate taking Ben to the hostiles. Sawyer tells Jack that the tape is with Phil and Jack asks where Phil is. Sawyer opens a closet and we see Phil bound and gagged on the floor. Sawyer introduced Phil and Jack.

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