Friday, May 1, 2009

Eloise Hawking sets Daneil on his path to become a physicist

In a flashback, we see a young Daniel Faraday playing a piano. A middle aged Eloise Hawking comes in and sits next to Daniel. She asks him if he knows what destiny means and he says "no." She tells him that when one has a special gift, it must be nurtured and she then stops the metronome on the piano. She asks him how many beats the metronome has counted since he started playing. He answers "864." She then tells Daniels that his gift is his mind that is meant for science and mathematics. Eloise tells him that it's her "job" to keep him on the right path. She tells him there is no more time for distractions as looks at the piano. Daniels says that he can do both and says "I can make time." Eloise says "If only you could."

I love that Daniel says "I can make time." Little does Eloise know that later in life, he will in many ways, learn to do just that. The big question lingering here is how does Eloise Hawking know what path people should take in their lives and how does she have this ability?

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