Thursday, January 22, 2009

Problems constructing the Orchid, what's Daniel doing there?!

While Dr. Pierre Chang's is filming the orientation video for The Arrow station, a construction worker named Eric comes in and tells him theirs a problem at The Orchid station. We then see them in the Dharma bus going to The Orchid station which is still being constructed. When they go down into the lower chamber, construction workers have attempted to drill through the rock to where Ben turned the frozen Donkey Wheel. The drills melted as they tried to break through and one of the construction workers can be seen bleeding from his nose much like Desmond and George Minkowski in "The Constant" last season and what happens to Charlotte later.

The construction foreman shows Dr. Chang a sonor image of the wall which shows the frozen donkey wheel inside. I've enhanced the sonor image captures below. Chang tells the foreman not to drill anymore because in the energy is released then "God help us all."

Then comes the kicker. As Chang is leaving Daniel Faraday bumps into him. He stops and looks at the holes in the rock and looks incredibly concerned. Why was Daniel at the construction of The Orchid looking the same as he does in the "present?" His story is quickly becoming one of the bigger mysteries in the show

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