Friday, January 23, 2009

Sayid kills two men at the "safe house," Hurley implicated

Sayid and Hurley stop at the Rainbow Drive-In to get Hurley some food before proceeding to the "safe house." Sayid reveals to Hurley that he was working for Ben, but no longer is. He tells Hurley to "do the opposite" of anything Ben tells him to do.

The "safe house" turns out to be not so safe. Sayid notices that his tape above the door is ripped. He proceds into the room and is attacked by a man who he then throws off the balcony. He is then attacked by another man and they struggle. The man shoots Sayid with darts before he is impaled on some knives in the dishwasher. Hurley grabs the first man's gun and looks over the balcony. Some men below take his picture and he appears to have blood on his shirt though it's actually ketchup.

Who are these men that are watching Hurley and attacking Sayid? They obviously didn't want to kill Sayid otherwise he would have shot him instead of using a dart gun.

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