Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sayid takes Jin's gun, shoots Ben

Ben unlocks Sayid's cell and they both flee the security building. We see them running through the jungle and make their way to a road/path where a Dharma van approaches. Sayid tells Ben to hide. The vans stops and Jin gets out and approahces Sayid. Sayid lies and tells Jin that Sawyer let him go because they were going to kill him. At that point, Phil's voice comes over the walkie saying that the prisoner escaped. Jin tells Sayid to let him talk to Sawyer before he lets him go. Sayid throws Jin on the ground and knocks him out with a blow to the face. Ben is impressed by Sayid's moves and doesn't see him take Jin's gun. Sayid says "You were right about me. I am a killer" referring to their converstation in Santo Domingo. Sayid then shoots Ben once in the chest. Ben falls to the ground and Sayid quietly weeps and then runs off down the path.

This scene leaves Ben's future in question, but we'll learn in the next episode "Whatever Happened, Happened" that Sayid can't choose to change the course of the future because whatever happened, happened.

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