Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jin takes Ben back to the barracks, Kate meets Roger Linus

Jin wakes up and hears Phil calling him on his walkie. Jin tells Phil that Sayid is heading north because he was just attacked by him. Jin then finds Ben laying face down where Sayid left him after he shot him. Ben weakly says "Help me." Jin puts him in the van and heads back towards the barracks.

Back at the barracks, Horace is telling everyone to prepare for another attack by the hostiles. He tells everyone that Sayid used the fire as a diversion to escape. Jack, unable to resist the urge to but in, asks how could Sayid have set the fire if he was locked up. Horace tells him that Sayid had help and that since no hostiles were seen on the security cameras crossing the perimeter, someone in the Dharma Initiative must have helped him.

As the group breaks up, Kate is asked by Roger Linus to help him get the van out of the house. He asks her to run a wench and then says "You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?" As the wench starts pulling the van out of the house, Roger asks if they just stuck her in the motor pool when she got to the island. She says yes and Roger replies that Dharma wouldn't be able to convince people to get on the submarine if they told them they'd be grease monkeys and janitors once they arrived. Kate is taken aback when Roger tells her his name. At that moment, Jin arrives and carries Ben out of the van. Roger follows Jin screaming "That's my kid!"

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