Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sawyer, Horace, Radzinsky and Phil take Sayid to Oldham where he is drugged

Sawyer, Radzinksy, Phil and two other Dharma members come to the cell where Sayid is being held. Sawyer gives him one last chance to talk and when he doesn't, Sawyer tasers him. Phil and the others cuff him and put him in a Dharma van to take him to Oldham.

The van pulls up to a secluded sight where there is a tent/tepee set up. As they bring Sayid towad the tent, a record player is sitting on a table playing "I Can't Give You Anyting But Love" by Dorothy Fields and Jimmy McHugh. Horace calls for Oldham who then steps out of the tent and stops the record player. Sayid asks Sawyer "Who is that man?" and Sawyer replies "He's our you." Hello episode title. Oldham walks over with a sugar cube and a dropper of some kind of drug. He puts the drug on the sugar cube but Sayid won't eat it. Oldham tells them to put Sayid in the restraints. Sayid struggles as Phil and Radzinksky put him in arm and leg restraints attached to a tree. Oldham tells Sayid that the restraints are for Sayid's own protection because there are side effects to the drug he's giving him. Phil and Radzinksy hold Sayid's mouth open and Oldham puts the sugar cube in his mouth. They force him to bite down on it. Oldham tells Sayid to "Turn your mind off" and to "let it take effect." Sayid gets right in Oldham's face but Oldham just smiles and tells him that "It's beyond your control, so fighting it is a poor use of your energies." He ends his speech by saying "You will tell us the truth."

So why is Olham set up in isolation in the middle of the jungle? Why does Dharma need him on the island and how many times has he drugged/interogated people before? He is truly an odd character. Also, he also seems somewhat similar to Locke who in previous seasons made a sweat lodge somewhat similar to Oldham's tent and also made the halucinagenic paste that caused Boone to see Shannon's death and later for Locke to see Boone in his vision.

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