Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sayid meets Ilana in a bar after leaving the docks

This scene picks up at the docks where Sun is holding a gun on Ben. In the wide shot, we can see the at boat named "Illusion." An illusion is a false idea or belief. We see Sayid leave as we saw in "This Place is Death."

Sayid goes to a bar where he is sitting drinking MacCutcheon Whiskey, the same whiskey that Charles Widmore tells Desmond he's not worth and that Charlie, Hurley and Desmond drink on the island in "Flashes Before Your Eyes." Widmore also drinks it when he is talking to Ben in "The Shape of Things to Come" and Anthony Cooper drinks it in "The Man From Tallahassee." Anyway, enough about the MacCutheon. As Sayid is sitting at the bar he meets Ilana who starts quizzing him about the cost of his drink. They start talking and Sayid tells her that he is trying to change and not do the only thing he is good at, killing people. At the end of the scene, Ilana convinces Sayid to buy her a class of MacCutcheon's.

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