Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ben sets Sayid free with the promise of taking him to the hostiles

After Sawyer calls all the security to help with the fire, Phil leaves the security building. As he leaves, Ben sneaks in and goes to Sayid's cell. Sayid is standing at the bars like he's waiting for someone. He asks Ben what happened to his glasses because one of the lenses is missing and there is tape on them. Ben confirms that his dad did it because he brought Sayid the sandwich. Sayid tells him "My father was a hard man as well." With a tear rolling down his face, Ben asks Sayid to take him back to the hostiles. Sayid says that he will and that's why he is there.

Sayid's ability to con this young kid into believing that he will take him to the hostiles is pretty creepy. It's Ben, but he's still a kid. Sayid has entered a dark place.

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