Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sawyer offers to let Sayid go, Sayid refuses

After the vote, Sawyer goes to the cell where Sayid is being kept. Sawyer tells Sayid to hit him in the face, take his keys and let himself out. He continues saying that Phil is the guard outside and he's a dimwit. He says that he can take his gun but to promise that he won't shoot Phil. Sayid says thanks but no thanks. Sawyer tells him about the vote but that doesn't change Sayid's mind. Sayid tells Sawyer that we he first returned to the island, he though there was no purpose for him to be there, but now he knows what his purpose is. Sayid is content and even smiling a bit about what he plans to do. Sawyer leaves after telling Sayid he's crazy.

Here we see start to see what's going through Sayid's mind. He thinks his purpose for returning to the island is to kill Ben.

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