Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A drugged Sayid tells Oldham, Horace and the others everything

Back at Oldham's camp, the drugs have taken hold of Sayid. Oldham starts to ask him questions and he tells him everything. Here's a list of the things Sayid tells them.
  • His name.
  • He says he's in handcuffs because he's a bad man.
  • He's not a hostile.
  • He returned to the island on Ajira flight 316.
  • He first came to the island on Oceanic 815.
  • He was on the island for 100 days and then left.
  • He metions Sawyer but it gets ignored.
  • The Flame was a communications station.
  • The Pearl was to observe other stations.
  • The Swan was to study electromagnetism but that was before the incident.
  • He tells them that they're all going to be killed.
  • He says that he is from the future.
After Sayid says he from the future, Oldham questions whether he should have used only half a dropper of drugs. Sayid starts laughing hysterically and tells him that he used just enough. During Sayid's entire questioning, Sawyer looks incredibly scared of what he'll say and rightfully so. The big thing to the Dharma folk is that he knows about the stations including The Swan which hasn't been built yet. He also references the purge where the Dharma Initiative are killed, including Horace.

This scene was brilliantly acted by Naveen Andrews. It was incredibly funny yet deathly serious at the same time.

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