Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sawyer and Kate interrupted by a flaming Dharma van

After talking to Sayid, Sawyer goes to Kate's house and asks her why she came back to the island. She tells him I don't know why the others came back, but I know why I came back. At that moment Sawyer hears a Dharma van and is shocked to see a flaming van barreling through the barracks. It runs into one of the houses and everyone rushes to put it out including Sawyer, Kate, Jack and Juliet. The people in the house escape through the window. Sawyer tells Jack that there were no burning buses in three years and then they are back for one day and this happens. Sawyer puts out an alert to all of the security team that there is a fire. More in the next post.

We can assumed from what happens next that Ben set the van on fire and let it loose in the barracks. He's quite industrious for such a young kid. His actions are similar to when Walt burned the raft in season 1.

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