Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sayid sees his friends as Ilana takes him to Ajira 316

As Ilana is taking Sayid to board Ajira Airways flight 316, he stops when he sees Hurley at the gate. He asks Ilana "Are you sure we're going to Guam?" She snidely respsons "Where else would we be going?" Sayid sees Jack and then Kate and asks Ilana if they can take the next plane because he is superstitious when it comes to flying. She tells him that she'll buy him a rabbit's foot at the gift shop because this is the plane they're taking. After they're on the plane, Sayid looks back at Sun and then sees the one person he really didn't wan to see. He sees Ben board the plane which promts him to ask Ilana if she is working for Ben Linus. She says she doesn't know who Ben Linus is and Sayid proceeds to describe him as a liar, manipulator and a monster responsible for genecide. Ilana says "Why would I work for somebody like that?" Sayid replies "I did."

The question here is does Ilana know more about what's instore for them on 316 that she lets Sayid believe? Her responses to his questions are very coy and sarcastic leading me to think she at least knows a little bit more than she admits.

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