Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Horace, Radzinsky, Sawyer, Annie and the others vote to kill Sayid

Horace has called a meeting in his house in the Dharma barracks to discuss what they should do with Sayid. Radzinksy immediately suggests that they kill him. Sawyer jumps in and disagrees with killing him saying that they are civilized and are not like the hostiles. Radzinksy goes on his schpeel again about how Sayid has seen things referring to the Swan Station model. Radzinksky is getting really annoying, really fast because he has a one track mind. Sawyer defends Sayid saying that Sayid must have problems with his people. Horace says he wants more time to think about the situation. Radzinsky wants Horace to put it to a vote or he's going to call Ann Arbor so they can make the decision for them. Annine chimes in and says she agrees with Radzinsky. She uses their baby Ethan and all of the children to justify killing Sayid. She says they're not safe with Sayid there. That convinces Horace to call for a vote and everyone but Sawyer raises their hand. Horace turns to Sawyer and says "I'd really like to say it's unanimous." Sawyer then hesitantly raises his hand.

This process of law in this scene resembles the way the others were going to put Juliet to death in season 3 for killing Pickett. It also seems that there are people in Ann Arbor, Michigan that can make decisions for the Dharma Initiative members on the island. Ann Arbor is supposed to be where the Degroots started Dharma. Pierre Chang is a professor of Theoretical Astrophysics from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

It's also a bit creepy how quickly this entire group all decided to kill someone. Also, why is this particular group of people making the decision. Who are they and why do they have the power to make this decision?

Another interesting thing to note in this scene is that the woman on the couch next to Radzinsky and Rosie who is sitting on the floor both have The Looking Glass logos on their uniforms. Rosie's uniform lists her as a nurse.

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