Sunday, May 9, 2010

The smoke monster kills Seamus, Jack lets the group out of Hydra cage

As Sawyer and Kate are inside the cages, Sawyer says that it feels like they're going in circles since they're back in there, but this time the gun was pointed at Kate's head.

Close by, Jin and Sun sit and Jin learns that his little girl Ji Yeon is with Sun's mother. He tells her that he saw pictures of her and she is beautiful. Sun then tells him that she has his wedding ring and then puts it back on his hand.

Suddenly, the power goes out killing the lights and the pylons. One guy from Widmore's group says that somebody killed the power and Seamus tells him to get a team to the generator. Then, the signature sounds of the smoke monster can be heard. Hurley says that now they're all going to die.

The smoke monster emerges from the jungle, and as it tends to be the case, Widmore's team attempts to shoot at it. It grabs Seamus and slams him against the cage which kills him. The monster quickly retreats back into the jungle, but can still be heard, presumably taking care of the other guys that were with Seamus.

Kate sees the keys on Seamus' belt and tries to grab them, but her arms are not quite long enough. Frank attempts to kick the cage door open with no luck.

As Kate is still reaching for the keys, suddenly a hand grabs them. We see Jack has come to let them out of the cage. Jack says I'm with him, nodding in the direction of the monster. Everyone then runs away.

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