Friday, May 14, 2010

Jack, Sawyer, Hurley & Kate make it to the beach & cry + Locke leaves to complete his plan

Jack makes it to the beach carrying Sawyer. After making it out of the water, he collapses on the beach. Sawyer coughs, indicating he is alive, but remains unconscious. Hurley walks up helping Kate who is still weak from the gunshot to the shoulder. Kate says that they couldn't find Jack as they embrace

They find out that Sawyer is breathing and then ask about Jin and Sun. Jack just shakes his head and Kate and Hurley begin to sob. Jack walks away to the beach of the ocean and looks up. He then hangs his head and begins to weep himself.

Meanwhile, Locke is back at the dock with Claire. He says "it sunk." Claire asks if he means the submarine and if they're all dead. Locke says that not all of them are dead, then grabs a gun and starts to walk away. When Claire asks where he's going, Locke says "To finish what I started."

So this is it. It seems like it's going to be Locke versus what remains of our group, but Ben, Richard and Miles are still around, as are Desmond, Charles Widmore, Zoe and what remains of Widmore's group and the others from the temple. How will this all play out? We don't have long until we find out.

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