Monday, May 10, 2010

Locke finds C-4 on the Ajira plane, kills two of Widmore's men

After killing Seamus and presumably the other guys guarding the cages, Locke makes his way to the Arija airplane. He encounters two of Widmore's men guarding the plane who shoot at him, but he just keeps walking, unfazed. He snaps the first one's neck and then shoots the other one. He takes a digital watch from the wrist of the second which he uses later in the episode.

Locke makes his way to the plane's door, which has a stairway built out of bamboo and rope, presumably built by Widmore's people. He climbs inside and enters the cabin of the plane. He finds a wire running down the overhead compartment and follows where it leads to find an object he finds interesting, but we don't see here. We later learn that it was at least four blocks of C-4, which he takes.

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