Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Locke tells the group they must take the submarine, not the plane

As Frank leads the group through the jungle towards the Ajira plane, Kate asks Jack if he's coming with them now. Jacks says that he's not meant to go, but he'll help them leave. Sawyer thanks him for coming back for them.

Suddenly, Sayid emerges from the jungle, causing everyone to point their guns at him. Jack tells him it's okay because Sayid cut the power so they could escape the cages. Sayid says that they should go because Locke is waiting for them.

Later, after Locke has gone inside the plane, the group arrives at the Arija plane themselves. They notice the body of Widmore's guy with the broken neck when Locke emerges from the plane and says that he killed the two men. He says that Widmore placed the two men there for show and he knew that he would kill them because if Widmore wanted to keep him off the plane, he wouldn't have moved the sonic fence.

He then says that Widmore wanted to get them all in one enclosed place so they would all be killed with the four bricks of C-4 that were wired to the plane's electronics. He pulls the C-4 from his bag and tells the group that there could be more on the plane, so they'll have to take the submarine.

Hurley objects since Richard said that Locke was not supposed to leave the island. Sawyer says that Richard's opinion doesn't count since he's not there, then he thanks Locke for saving them twice and says that he was wrong about him.

Locke says that the submarine will be heavily defended, so they'll need everyone to succeed. Jack still doesn't want to leave the island, but says that he'll help them. Claire then apologizes to Locke, who says he understands why she left with the group.

Sawyer then hangs back to talk to Jack and starts to scheme again. He asks Jack to keep Locke from getting on the submarine by getting him in the water. It seems that Sawyer believes what Locke said about not being able to cross water earlier this season.

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