Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The group takes control of the submarine, Jack pushes Locke in the water

The group led by Sawyer, crouch down a short distance from the submarine. They see no one guarding the submarine, but Sawyer lays out their plan. He, Hurley, Frank, Jin and Sun will go first, followed 30 seconds later by the rest of them with Jack and Locke coming last.

The first group makes their way to the submarine and climb in with no problems. Sawyer and Frank make their way to a room on the submarine where a man sits and they detain him before he can pull his gun. They force the man to take them to the captain and once they're there, Frank knocks out the original guy. Sawyer tells the captain to get the submarine ready to go.

Outside, just after the second group heads for the submarine, Locke grabs Jack's bag that's behind him and hands Jack the one he was originally carrying.  As the two of them head towards the sub, Locke tries to convince Jack to leave, telling him that whoever told him to stay on the island didn't know what they were talking about. Jack says that John Locke told him to stay and then suddenly pushes Locke into the water. Claire looks stunned.

So we start to see the workings of Locke's real plan once he switches his and Jack's bag. The rest of this scene's screen captures and recap/analysis coming soon.

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