Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Claire shows Jack a music box she received in Christian's will

Jack sees Claire at the hospital while he's visiting Locke. She has come to talk to him and they go to a waiting area where Jack gets an Apollo candy bar from a vending machine.

Claire tells Jack that she never met Christian, which is different from the original timeline, and she opens a box containing a music box. She says that the lawyer, Ilana, said there would be more that was left to her in Christian's will, but he specifically wanted her to have her the music box.

Claire asks how Christian died, and Jack reveals that he was found in an alley outside a bar in Sydney and that he drank himself to death. Jack tells her that he flew to Sydney to get the body and they airline lost it, prompting Claire to tell him that she just flew in from Sydney. Jack asks when and when she says Wednesday, he asks "Oceanic 815?," which she obviously confirms. Jack is stunned once again.

Jack asks to look at the music box, and when he opens it, it plays "Catch a Falling Star," the same song from Claire's childhood and the one she wanted to be sung to Aaron, which Kate did off the island. There's a moment where they are both looking into a mirror built into the lid of the box, continuing the mirror trend from the flash sideways stories.

Jack then asks Claire to come stay with him since they are family. They both smile and seem quite happy about their worlds coming together.

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