Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sayid sacrifices himself, is killed by C-4 explosion

As the group examines the bomb which is still slowly ticking down, Jin calls Frank in the control room and tells him to have the captain surface the submarine. The captain has to reverse the submarine which is currently diving.

Jack tells the group that Locke put the explosives in the bag. Jin says that Locke wanted to come with them so why would he do that. Sawyer says that's why he shut Locke out. Jack tells them that Locke wanted to be shut out.

Sayid tells them that the watch has been jury-rigged to the explosives and the battery will set off the C-4. Frank tells Sawyer that it'll be at least five minutes before the submarine can surface. Sayid then says that if they disconnect two wires that are the leads from the watch, the bomb should be inert. He adds that they have to disconnect them simultaneously and then says "I'm not sure..." but is interrupted by Sawyer who steps forward.

Jack tells Sawyer to wait and not to pull the wires because they'll all be okay. Obviously, Sawyer objects strongly, saying that if he doesn't pull the wires, Locke will kill them. Jack says that Locke can't kill them and this is what Locke wanted. He says that Locke wanted to get them all in an enclosed space with no hope to get out. He says that Locke said he can't leave the island without them, but Jack thinks that Locke can't leave until they're all dead. Locke claimed he could kill them whenever he wanted, but Jack says what if he's not allowed to and he's trying to get them to kill each other.

Sawyer tells him to stay out of his way and Jack adds why would Locke put the timer on it and not just throw it in if he could kill them himself. Jack grabs Sawyer and asks him to trust him that nothing will happen. Sawyer says he doesn't and pulls the wires. The timer stops at 1:31 and everybody looks relieved. A moment later, the timer then starts again but is accelerated.

Sayid steps up and tells Jack that there is a well on the main island half a mile south of the camp they were just at. He says that Desmond is inside it and Locke wanted him dead, so Jack is going to need him. Jack asks why he's telling him this and Sayid then says "Because it's going to be you, Jack."

Sayid grabs the bomb and runs down the hallway. The bomb explodes, killing Sayid, who has sacrificed himself to give the others a chance to survive. It was quite a quick death for our original castaway from season one. I guess there's not time to left to stop and be emotional about a character who has essentially been a zombie most of the season.

We'll stop there and pick things up in the next post, but this part of the scene is heavy, with Jack once again seeming to figure out the rules of the game. So in theory, if Sawyer and the others wouldn't have interfered with the bomb, they would have lived, but since he got involved, he became the killer. So it seems that the candidates can kill each other, but Locke and possibly other people and forces cannot.

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