Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jack meets Anthony Cooper who is in a vegetative state

In the sideways, Jack is attempting to get permission to visit Anthony Cooper at retirement home type place. As the receptionist is asking what his interest in Mr. Cooper is, Helen Norwood walks by with a potted flower.

She asks what he is doing there and he says he want to ask Anthony Cooper about Locke's accident. Helen tells him to go and that Locke told her about the surgery and he doesn't want it. She adds "You saved John's life. Why can't that be enough?" Jack says "Because it's not."

Helen gives in and leads him into a community dining room where there are many senior citizens eating. She walks over to a table where a nurse is feeding a white haired man in a wheelchair. Helen rolls him over towards Jack and we see Anthony Cooper who is in a vegetative state, his eyes just staring off at nothing. Helen wipes some drool from his mouth and introduces Anthony and tells Jack that he is Locke's father. Jack looks surprised and disappointed.

Why is Jack so incredibly determined to fix Locke? Is this just old Jack needing to fix things or is there another motive?

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