Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jack wakes up on Hyrda Island, Locke wants his help freeing the others

Jack wakes up in an outrigger on Hydra Island in a haze after being knocked out earlier by the mortar attack on the main island.

When we come back to the scene, Sayid tells Jack that Locke saved him after the attack. Sayid tells him that the rest of the people who were with Locke who were not killed scattered into the jungle. He says it's just the three of them now.

Jack asks Sayid about why Locke brought him here when Locke appears and says that he needs his help rescuing his friends who were captured by Widmore. Locke claims that if they go now, they can break out Jack's people and get on the plane before Widmore knows what happened. Jack says that they are not his people and states again that he's not leaving the island. Locke says that he hopes that Jack changes his mind, but he still needs his help convincing the others to trust him.

When Jack asks Locke why he should trust him, Locke says that he could kill Jack and everyone else right now, but he didn't, he saved him and wants to save them too. He asks Jack to help, but we don't see Jack's answer.

So it would seem that Locke is lying about being able to kill Jack and the other candidates. If he could do that himself, it seems that he would and just move on. It may be one of the rules that Locke can't actually kill someone if they are an active candidate.

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