Monday, May 3, 2010

Zoe demands Desmond back, drops a bomb + Sawyer plans escape

At Locke's camp, Sawyer is planning to escape from Locke and is telling Hurley about Widmore's submarine. At the same time, Kate is telling Sun. Sawyer says they are leaving Sayid, because he's gone to the dark side. Hurley says you can always bring people back from the Dark side, and references Anakin Skywalker from the Star Wars movies.

Claire walks over to Hurley with a big smile and gives him a hug. Locke and Jack then return to camp and Locke remarks that it is nice to have everyone back together again.

Later, Jack and Kate sit down and Kate tells him that Sayid is different now. Jack tells her that she is not sure whether he believes that Locke just wants to leave the island and they need everyone together to do it.

Suddenly Zoe walks into camp and asks to talk to the man in charge. Locke emerges from his tent and Zoe demands that he give Desmond back, but Locke pretends that he doesn't know what she's talking about.

Zoe pulls out a walkie talkie and says into it "show them what we're capable of." The whistle of a missile or rocket can be heard and then an explosion happens behind Locke, just outside the camp. She tells Locke that he has until nightfall to return Desmond or the next bomb won't miss. She hands him the walkie talkie so he can tell her when Desmond is ready to be picked up.

As Zoe leaves the camp, Locke drops the walkie on the group and smashes it with the big stick he was carving in "Everybody Loves Hugo." He pauses and says "Well, here we go."

It would seem that Locke sees Zoe's threat and display as a sign that the war has begun, so there's likely a lot of death coming to the island soon.

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