Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jack goes to Bernard's office & asks about Locke's condition, gets the name Anthony Cooper

At Bernard Nadler's dentist office, Bernard is working on a dental cast when Jack walks in. Jack introduces himself and tells Bernard that he's there to find out information about John Locke. Jack saw in Locke's medical records that Bernard performed emergency oral surgery on him about three years ago.

Bernard asks Jack why he's so interested in Locke and Jack tells him that he and Locke were on the same flight back from Australia. Bernard interrupts and says Oceanic 815 which stuns Jack. Bernard tells him that they were sitting across the isle from him and that Jack was flirting with his wife Rose while he was in the bathroom. Bernard says "It's pretty weird, huh?" and a stilled shocked Jack just says "yeah."

Bernard says that Jack may be onto something and though he can't break patient confidentiality, that he can tell him that Locke came in with another man involved in the same accident. Jack says that was three years ago and says "you just remember that?" Bernard says "Of course I do, Jack" in a very sly way. Bernard writes the name Anthony Cooper (Locke's father) on a piece of paper from memory. He tells Jack "Good luck, doc. I hope you find what you're looking for."

There's something very odd about this scene. Bernard talks to jack in a manner like he's known him for quite a while. He calls him "doc" which is what a lot of people on the island called Jack. It seems that Bernard might be very aware of the original timeline.

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