Monday, May 3, 2010

Desmond pushes Claire towards Ilana, who has been looking for Claire

In the flash sideways, Claire arrives at an office building where she as an appointment with the Western Pacific Adoption Agency. Desmond walks to the counter and approaches her. Claire seems suspicious of him, but she tells him that she ended up at the hospital, but he was right about her being pregnant with a boy.

Desmond follows her up the escalator, asking her about her going to the adoption agency alone without any legal representation. They reach the elevator and are both going to the fifteenth floor (we see one of the numbers again). He pushes her about the lawyer until she agrees to go with him to visit his friend, who is a lawyer.

They walk into the office with the names Sweetzer and Verdansky on the door. The receptionist tells him to have a seat, but Ilana quickly emerges from an office and gives Desmond a hug. Ilana's last name is Verdansky and she speaks with an American accent in this timeline.

When Desmond introduces Claire, Ilana knows who she is and says that she's been looking for her. Claire looks shocked and concerned, but agrees to go talk with Ilana.

So once again, we see Desmond pushing Oceanic 815 passengers towards people that bring them closer to the original timeline. We'll see where Claire's meeting with Ilana leads in a later post.

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