Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jack leads his group to The Elizabeth, Claire follows, Kate convinces her to come

As Locke is leading his group across the island, Jack asks Claire how how long she's been with Locke and why she trusts him. She says that he's the only one who didn't abandon her. It still doesn't really make sense that she blames everyone else, but not Locke who lured her away by appearing as Christian.

Locke falls back in the line and asks Sun if she's seen Sayid. Sun can't speak English and writes to him on her pad "You did this to me!" Locke says that he didn't do anything to her and moves on. He tells them to keep going and he's going to make sure no one got left behind.

Jack sees his moment and pulls Hurley, Sun and Frank aside and they make a break for it. Claire sees them leave and looks fairly pissed about it.

As Jack and the rest arrive at The Elizabeth, they board and Frank asks if they're sailing home on the boat. Sawyer says that they can't leave without a bearing. He says that Dharma used a sub to get to and from the island, so that's what they're going to use.

Then, Hurley sees Claire emerge from the jungle pointing a gun at them. Kate steps out and tells Claire that they're leaving the island. Claire asks why they are not waiting for Locke and Kate says that the man is not Locke and he's not one of them. She asks Claire to come with them so she can be with Aaron again. As Sawyer objects, Kate says that either Claire comes with them or she is staying behind too.

Claire is uncertain, but Kate tells her that she was there when Aaron was born and that she shouldn't have raised him. She tells Claire that she came back to the island to bring Claire home. Claire gives Kate her gun and joins them, but she tells Kate when Locke finds out, "he's gonna be mad."

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