Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jack meets Claire with Ilana's help, David is with him

In the sideways, Jack and his son David arrive at the same building Claire and Desmond were at earlier. Jack is talking to his ex-wife, who has yet to be revealed, and tells her that he'll bring David around 5, but David shakes his head and Jack pushes it to 7. Jack is there to hear his father's will read and David is there to support him, so clearly, their relationship has been repaired.

They arrive at Sweetzer and Verdansky's offices where they are greeted by Ilana who says she has a surprise for them and asks if he believes in fate. She leads them to a conference room where Claire is sitting at the conference table.

Ilana introduces Claire to Jack and David and Jack says to Ilana "you found her." Ilana tells him that she found them. Jack tells Claire that she is in his father's will and Claire informs him that Christian is her father too.

Jack is stunned for a moment, then has to step away to take a call from the hospital. He tells the person that he's talking to that he is 20 minutes from the hospital and to go ahead and prep the patient. Jack apologizes to Claire and Ilana and says that they'll have to reschedule.

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