Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jack goes into surgery & discovers Locke is his patient

Jack and David arrive at St. Sebastian Hospital and as they're walking through the hall, David asks if Jack really had no idea he had a half sister, Claire. Jack says that he didn't know and that Christian kept a lot of things to himself. David asks Jack if that's where he got that trait from and he says probably. David agrees to wait for Jack until he's done with the surgery and then wishes his dad good luck.

As Jack scrubs up, a female surgeon tells him that the patient was hit by a car and had a pre-existing spinal condition before the incident with Desmond's car. Jack looks at the screen and says that the dural sac is obliterated. The female surgeon says that is the reason why they called Jack, because they were in over their heads. Jack confidently says "Yeah, I got this."

Inside the operating room, Jack moves over to the patient and prepares to make the first incision. Jack looks down at a mirror attached to an operating table and sees the reflection of John Locke and looks a bit stunned. He says "I think I know this guy."

This is the moment we've been waiting for in the sideways when Locke and Jack's paths cross again. The result of this crossing is for the next episodes' posts.

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