Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kate figures out why Sawyer didn't bust her at LAX + Miles & Sawyer have to find Sayid

In the flash sideways, Sawyer sits down with Kate at the police station after offering her an apple. He looks at her file which says she is wanted for arson, assault on a federal officer and murder in the first degree. He remarks that she doesn't seem like a murderer. She says that she's not.

When he asks if she remembers him from the airport, he says that he thinks it's strange that of all the cars she could have run into, that it happened to be his. He wonders if someone is trying to bring them together.

Kate then calls him out, saying that she thinks that the reason he didn't arrest her at LAX was because he didn't want anyone to know he had been in Australia. This makes Sawyer uneasy for a moment, but then he says "Oh, I like you."

Sawyer is called away by Miles about a homicide case. Miles shows him a surveillance tape of Sayid and says that he was seen fleeing a restaurant where Keamy and three other goons were shot. Saywer says about Sayid "There's our bad guy," which is essentially what Sayid has become on the island.

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