Friday, May 21, 2010

Ben, Richard & Miles get C-4 from the barracks, discover Widmore & Zoe

We finally see Ben, Miles and Richard again, making their way through the jungle towards the barracks. Miles questions whether Ben's short cut is accurate and Ben says he lived at the barracks a long time and he knows how to get there. Mile hits back saying he lived there 30 years ago, "otherwise known as last week." It's nice to see a little humor return to the show.

Once they arrrive at the barracks, Miles starts getting that dead body feeling and says that he get "wonky around dead stuff." Ben asks him if he has something to share and before Miles can say anything, Richard says that Alex is buried there. He says that he buried Alex's body after Ben left the island. Ben pauses and looks down at the ground then thanks Richard.

They then enter Ben's old house where he immediately moves the bookcase, revealing his secret room. Miles notices the door where Ben summoned the smoke monster and asks what it is. Ben says that it is where he was told he could summon the smoke monster, but he now knows that it was really summoning him.

Behind the hanging shirts, there is a safe that Ben opens to reveal six bricks of C-4. Ben asks Richard if they want to cripple the plane or "blow it to hell," and Richard chooses the latter, so they take a six bricks.

They suddenly hear a noise, and leave the room to discover Zoe in the kitchen. They point their rifles at her and Ben asks who she is. Then Charles Widmore enters house and says that she' with him. Ben looks completely stunned to see Widmore.

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