Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ben is visited by Locke in the nurse's office, mentions "letting go"

At the school, Ben is being tended to by a woman who is presumably the school nurse. He left arm is in a slign. As she tends to his wounds she calls him "Mr. Linus" and he corrects her by saying "It's Dr. Linus actually." She is clearly a bit annoyed and says she'll return with an ice pack.

Locke rolls into the room in his wheelchair and asks Ben if he is okay. Ben tells him that he got into a fight with the man (Desmond) that ran Locke down. Ben says that as he was being beaten, he saw something. Locke dials 911 and Ben tells him that he may not want to do that.

Ben tells Locke that Desmond said that he wasn't trying to hurt Locke with his car, but trying to help him "let go." Locke stops cold when hearing the words "let go," the same thing Jack said he wanted Locke to do. Ben asks if that means anything to Locke, who is stunned and Locke hangs up on the police.

It seems that Locke has had numerous moments where he's remembered at least small bits of the original timeline, like when he saw Jin at the hospital, when Jack says to him "I wish you would believe me" and as he was sleeping and mentioned the button. He's really taking a lot of pushing to get him to believe in this timeline.

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