Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jacob lays Mother & MIB's bodies to rest at the caves, they are Adam & Eve

Jacob makes his way through the jungle to a stream and washes up. He looks up and sees the lifeless body of his brother on some rocks. Jacob weeps over the body, then picks it up and carries it to the cave.

Jacob lays MIB's body where they slept as children. He then goes to Mother's body and picks up the black and white stones and places them in a pouch. We cut away and see Jack and Kate discovering the pouch of rocks in season 1 with the "Adam and Eve" skeletons.

Jacob then closes Mother's eyes, picks her up and lays her next to MIB's body. We again cutaway to season 1 and Kate asks who the Adam and Eve skeletons are and where did they come from. Jacob then joins Mother and MIB's hands, kisses the pouch containing the stones and places it in MIB's other hand. We cut away again and see Locke calling the skeletons "Our very own Adam and Eve."

We then see Jacob looking over the bodies, still crying, and he says "Goodbye brother."

This was one of the biggest reveals of the series. While the clips from the season 1 episode "House of the Rising Sun" hit us over the head a bit with the significance of the Adam and Eve reveal, it did show us how far the story and these characters have come since Oceanic 815 crashed on the island.

With MIB's body being discovered by the creek indicates he is no longer human, but he still has the same goal of leaving the island. What would happen if this creature gets off the island?

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