Monday, May 17, 2010

Claudia shows MIB the people he came from, tells him who he is

Jacob and Man In Black are hanging out by some trees playing the Senet game. Jacob makes a move and MIB tells him that he can't do it because it's against the rules. Jacob says that MIB made the rules though. MIB responds saying "One day, you can make up your own game and everyone else will have to follow your rules." That seems to be what happened for the next few thousand years or so.

Suddenly, MIB looks up and sees Claudia standing in a pool of light. She says "It's alright, don't be afraid." Jacob turns to see what he's looking at and sees nothing. MIB is stunned and gets up and leaves Jacob, telling him that he'll meet him later.

Moments later in the jungle, MIB finds Claudia standing in a pool of light again. He asks her why Jacob couldn't see her and she tells him that it's because she's dead. She asks him to come with her so she can show him where he came from, which is a place across the island he has never seen.

MIB follows her across the island to a hill overlooking a village of people living in grass huts who are active performing various daily activities. MIB asks Claudia who they are and she tells him that they came to the island 13 years ago, the day before MIB was born. She says their ship wrecked here during a storm, and MIB asks what a ship is. She explains that it is something people use to get from one place to another and that his people came from across the sea. MIB objects, saying that's not true, since we saw earlier Mother told him that there was nothing across the sea.

Claudia reveals to him that she is his real mother and you can see anguish, but mostly anger come across MIB's face.

It's interesting that MIB, prior to becoming the smoke monster, is able to see the dead on the island. Is he like Hurley and can just see and talk to the dead or is it possible that Claudia is an earlier incarnation of the monster MIB later becomes? Either way, learning the truth about himself sets MIB on a path that he'll continue to follow for thousands of years.

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