Thursday, May 20, 2010

Desmond calls Jack posing as Oceanic employee + Jack's neck bleeds again

"What That Died For" opens with an iconic LOST shot. We see a close-up of Jack's eye slowly opening, then we see that we are in the sideways at his home. He goes into the bathroom and discovers that his neck is bleeding again, just like he discovered it in the plane's restroom in "LA X." His son, David, then pops his head and says that he made breakfast.

Jack joins David at the table for some Super Bran cereal and David asks him if he's coming to the concert. Jack says yes and then asks if David's mother is coming. David says yes and makes Jack promise not to be weird.

Claire then enters the room and Jack and David rush to make her a bowl of cereal. They all sit around the table like a happy family until Jack's phone rings. He answers to hear a deep voice say that they are with Oceanic Airlines and they have found Jack's cargo (Christian Shephard's coffin). We learn that the voice is Desmond's who tells Jack that the coffin will arrive in Los Angeles by the end of the day and apologizes on behalf of Oceanic Airlines. Jack is emotional as he hangs up and we see Desmond, sitting in a car hang up his phone, with that same confident, zen-like look on his face.

So does Desmond actually know something about the whereabouts of Christian's coffin, or is he just pushing Jack like he's done with others? As we learn later, the concert that Jack, David and his mother will be an important event. More on that much later.

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