Friday, May 21, 2010

Widmore says Jacob told him to come to the island, Locke is coming

Ben continues to hold a gun on Charles Widmore and asks what he's doing there. Widmore brushes him off telling him to put down the gun and telling Zoe to go the equipment from the outrigger and then sink it. Ben says not to go anywhere, but Widmore says that if he shoots him, his last chance of survival will be gone. He then tells Zoe to go because Ben won't shoot her. She slowly walks out as Ben stands there.

Widmore turns to Richard and asks why they are there and Richard reveals their plan to blow up the Ajira plane. Widmore says that he's had the plane rigged with explosives since they got there and that as usual, he's three steps ahead of Ben.

Ben then asks Widmore how he returned to the island and Widmore reveals that Jacob invited him back. He says that Jacob visited him after the freighter was destroyed and showed him the error of his ways and shared with him the information he needed to know when he returned to the island.

Zoe then interrupts on the radio to tell Widmore that Locke has arrived on the main island in an outrigger. Wimore tells her to get back quickly and tells everyone that they need to hide if they don't want to die.

So Jacob brought Widmore back to the island which explains why he knew the candidates names and the other information he possesses. Ben is certainly not happy that Widmore has seen Jacob since Ben was ignored by him for so long. We see jealousy inside Ben stirring again.

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