Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MIB shows Mother his path to the light, the donkey wheel, she knocks him out

Jacob returns to the caves and Mother asks where he was. He says that she knows and she asks what the Man In Black said to him. Jacob tells her than MIB finally found a way to leave the island. Mother looks terrified.

Mother makes her way across the island to the work site of well. She watches intently as the men and women pack up and leave. She then heads down into the well.

Down there, we see MIB standing over a fire and we he hears something, he turns quickly wielding the dagger. We he sees that it's Mother, he puts it back on his belt. He has her how she is and Mother says that she's worried. He says that she should be and that he spent 30 years covering the entire island looking for the source of the light at the tunnel she took them to as a child, but could never find it. But then he says he figured out that he could get to the light from another place on the island an finding that place took a long time.

Mother worriedly asks if his people saw this too and he says yes and that they have interesting ideas about what to do with it. She starts to say that he has no idea about something but he interrupts her saying that he has no idea because she wouldn't tell him.

MIB then uses a tool to pull a small stone from the wall behind him revealing a beam of bright, yellow light. Mother then notices a large wheel leaning against the wall and asks what it is (it is the infamous wheel that was frozen when both Ben and Locke turned it). MIB says that they are going to cut a larger hole into the wall and attach the wheel to a system they are building. The system will channel the water and light, so when he turns it, he will be able to leave the island.

Mother asks him how he knows this and he says that he knows because he's special. She begs him not to go, but he says he has to because he doesn't belong there. Mother says that this is goodbye then as she steps towards him and embraces him. During the hug, MIB seems content and  tells Mother goodbye. Mother releases him, grasping his face like she did when he was a child. She says "I'm sorry" as she slams him against the wall, knocking him out.

Geez. There's so much here. There is the origin of the frozen donkey wheel and a vague description of how it is intended to function. We learn that the light we saw in the tunnel earlier is the same as is found in pockets across the island. We also learn that MIB seems in tune with the island on an amplified level that he is able to deduct intricate things about's function. We also see that mother is afraid of any humans learning about the light, which we'll see the results of in a later post. Heavy, heavy stuff.

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