Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jin shoots Mikhail in the eye + Sun is shot & pregnant + Sayid half-helps Jin escape the freezer

At Keamy's restaurant, Jin hears Sayid shooting Keamy and his men. Sayid enters starts to leave him there because Jin can't explain who he is. Jin begs for him to free him by repeating the word "free." Sayid puts the cutter from shelf in Jin's hands and tells him "Good luck," leaving Jin to free himself.

Mikhail arrives at the restaurant with Sun and finds the bodies on the kitchen floor. He doesn't realize that Jin is playing possum (pretending to be dead) on the floor. When Mikhail leans down to Keamy who is not dead, Jin stands and holds a gun to Mikhail's head.

Jin tells Sun to move back. Mikhail then attacks Jin and two wild shots are fired during the struggle. Mikhail breaks free and grabs a knife, but Jin shoots him in the eye, the same eye he was missing when he was on the island.

Jin then realizes that Sun has been shot in the abdomen. As he starts to carry her to get help, Sun reveals that she is pregnant. Could this be baby Ji Yeon and if so, will she survive this incident? Also, if the baby is Jin's, how is it that he's not infertile since he hasn't been to the island?

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