Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jin sees photos of Ji Yeon for the first time

At the building housing Room 23 on Hydra Island, Charles Widmore admonishes Zoe for not following the timeline of their plan and taking Jin too soon. She replies that she should have put a mercenary in charge then instead of a geophysicist. He then asks her to go get "the package" from the submarine and take it to the infirmary.

Widmore apologizes to Jin for taking him from the other island. He then gives Jin a digital camera that he says they found on the Ajira plane in Sun's luggage. Jin looks through the pictures on the camera which are of his daughter Ji Yeon with Sun. He has never seen his daughter before this moment, so he's obviously quite emotional. Widmore tells Jin that he has a daughter to and he knows what it's like to be kept apart from her.

Widmore explains to Jin that if the thing that looks like John Locke is allowed to leave the island, that everyone that they care about will cease to be. He asks Jin to come with him so he can show him "the package," which is a who, not a thing.

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