Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mr. Paik emptied Sun's account, wants Keamy to kill Jin

At the bank, Ms. Kendall, the bank employee, informs Mikhail and Sun that Mr. Paik emptied Sun's account into another one of his own accounts. When Sun asks why her father would do this, Mikhail implies that she should know why.

At the restaurant, Omar bangs Jin's head against the door as he's leading him into the freezer. Keamy cleans up the cut and tells Omar to go get the "Arab guy," meaning Sayid.

Keamy explains to Jin that he's taping him to the chair in case he finds out that Keamy was hired by Mr. Paik to kill Jin. He says that Paik wanted him dead because he didn't keep his hands off of Sun. Jin doesn't understand a word he says and actually thanks him once he's done taping him up. Keamy tells him that some people are just not meant to be together.

So it's clear in the sideways stories that Mr. Paik is still a bastard, but now wants Jin dead. So Jin and Sun are not fairing well in this timeline either.

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