Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sun looks at herself in mirror, Keamy takes her & Jin to Mikhail

At the hotel room, Jin and Sun panic when there is a knock at the door. Jin hides in the bathroom and on her way to the door, Sun stops at the mirror and gives herself one of those knowing looks like she may remember something from the original timeline.

Keamy enters the room and Sun gives him the watch, but he wants his money. Omar comes to the door and tells Keamy that Jin wasn't in his room. Keamy notices two champagne glasses in the room and knows that Jin is there. Omar finds Jin in the bathroom. Keamy tells Omar to get him Mikhail since he can speak Korean (we haven't seen Mikhail since the season 3 finale "Through the Look Glass").

Later, Mikhail translates for Jin and Sun who tells them what happened to the money at customs. Sun offers to go to the bank and get the money for Keamy. Mikhail goes with Sun to the bank while Keamy plans to take Jin to the restaurant. Jin begs him not to tell Mr. Paik about his relationship with Sun, and Keamy tells him that he'll keep the secret (we later learn that Mr. Paik already knows).

You'll notice that in this timeline, Mikhail has both of his eyes, so that's a plus for him at the moment.

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