Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Desmond is revealed to be the package, Sayid sees him from water

At Locke's camp, Sawyer reveals to Kate that he is worried because he's depending on the idea that Charles Widmore is going to kill Locke. At that moment Locke strolls back into camp. He questions where Jin and Sayid are, and Locke indicates that Sayid is still on Hydra Island to discover what Widmore is hiding on the submarine.

We then see Sayid emerge from the water not too far from where the submarine is docked. Zoe and Seamus can be seen removing a drugged-up Desmond from the submarine. They drop him on the dock where Desmond comes face-to-face with Sayid. Desmond looks confused and disoriented as Zoe and Seamus pick him up and take him towards land.

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