Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sawyer and Juliet's final moments at the Swan

After Sawyer gets into the Swan wreckage, he finds a barely conscious Juliet. Her state of mind is okay at first as she asks where they are and says that it didn't work because they're still on the island. She tells Sawyer that she hit the bomb so he could go home.

Then, her state of mind starts slip, a bit like when Charlotte was about to die. She says "We can get coffee some time. We can go Dutch." She then asks Sawyer to kiss her and he does. She then says that she has something very important to tell him, but loses consciousness and dies before she can tell him the important thing.

As Sawyer emerges from the wreckage carrying Juliet's body, he looks at Jack and says "You did this."

Was Juliet's mind in another time or timeline when she was approaching death?

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