Saturday, February 13, 2010

The smoke monster/Locke wants to go home

At the four-toed statue, Locke/smoke monster is moving bodies around the room. I guess he wants it to be a little neater before he leaves.

Ben is staring at him and asks "What are you?" Locke says that he's "a who" not "a what." When Ben says that he's the monster, Locke says "Let's not resort to name calling."

Smokey Locke then tells him that the last thing that John Locke thought as Ben was choking him was "I don't understand." He said that Locke was irreparably broken, but he was admirable because he's the only person who didn't want to leave the island.

Ben then asks Smokey Locke what it is he wants, and Smokey says that he wants to go home. Where exactly is home for the smoke monster? Is/was he human at some point and brought or came to the island? The questions are seemingly endless here.

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