Sunday, February 7, 2010

The smoke monster/Locke kills Bram & 3 others, Ben cowers

At the four-toed statue, Ben is still staring at Locke's body, though his look has changed from utter shock to thoughtful determination. It would seem that he's going to stick with new Locke for the time being, as he tells Richard that if he wants to know what happened inside, he should go in and find out for himself. Bram comes over and grabs Ben, forcing him into the statue. Three other armed guys from Team Ilana join them.

Inside, Locke refers to Bram and the others as Jacob's bodyguards, and tells them that Jacob is dead, that he burned up in the fire. He tells them that there's nothing left for them to protect, so they can go and they're free.

Bram takes a shot at Locke, and others follow as he ducks behind a pillar and disappears. Bram picks up the bullet he hit Locke with up off the ground, so obviously he can't be killed, at least in a conventional way. During all of this, Ben cowers, taking cover in a corner.

As the familiar sounds of the smoke monster fill the room as it enters, grabbing and killing three of the men by slamming two of them around the room while once gets tossed out of the hole in the ceiling. Bram pulls out a pouch of that ash we've seen surrounding the cabin which stops the monster in it's tracks briefly. Smokey is smart though, an manages to knock Bram out of the circle by smashing a portion of the ceiling. He promptly gets tossed through part of Jacob's loom and his chest is skewered by a piece of wood.

The monster quietly disappears and Ben starts to walk towards the door when he turns around to see Locke once again, who creepily says "I'm sorry you had to see me like that."

So this confirms that the new Locke is the smoke monster, but is he also an incarnation of the man in black, or another force on the island all together? Either way, this was the most ruthless we've seen smokey yet and I'd guess he's not done killing yet.

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