Monday, February 8, 2010

Oceanic 815 lands at LAX + Charlie taken by police

Back on Oceanic 815, Charlie has been restrained and as he passes Jack he says "Should'a let that happen man, I was supposed to die." That sounds ominously like season 3.

When Jack returns to his seat, Desmond is gone and he asks Rose where he went and she says that she and Bernard were asleep.

Everyone prepares for the landing, each with different looks on their face. Sawyer and Hurley look fairly indifferent, Sayid looks at his photo of Nadia and seems eager to find her, Jin gazes at the Rolex watch he's supposed to deliver while Sun shows no emotion, Kate looks terrified and Jack looks pleased, yet surprised.

Charlie is first off and is escorted by two policemen. Edward Mars removes the infamous case which cracked him in the head on the first flight 815.

Boone says goodbye to Locke who seems happy like he was earlier. We then see that sad, miserable look fall across his face. Jack and he share a similar look as we saw at the start of the first flight 815. Locke forces a smile while Jack looks a bit dazed. We then see Locke lifted onto the chair and he is wheel off the plane. The look of sheer misery on his face is that of the Locke we've come to know, so was he lying about actually going on the walkabout to seem less pathetic than his life was/is or did his past actually change like it seems it did for other passengers?

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