Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kate escapes from Edward Mars at LAX, Sawyer lends a hand

At LAX, Marshall Edward Mars brings Kate through customs and we see one of the numbers, 4, at the checkpoint labeled 4F. She then convinces him to let her use the restroom and while she's inside, is up to her old tricks again. She uses the pen she swiped from Jack on the flight to try and pick the lock on the handcuffs.

She drops the pen's spring though, which Edward finds, causing her to panic and kick the stall door down.She slams his head against the counter and he ends up bleeding from practically the same spot the case hit him on the original Oceanic 815 flight.

She makes a break for it ending up on an elevator with Sawyer who notices the handcuffs, but helps her evade two TSA officials who join them on the elevator.

Another interesting thing to note is that Kate leaves the Halliburton case she wanted so badly in season 1 in the restroom next to the Marshall's body. You'd think if it was still important to her in this timeline, she would have grabbed it.

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