Friday, February 12, 2010

Kate hijacks Claire's taxi, Arzt glares at Sayid

A LAX, we see Sayid again staring at the photo of Nadia while waiting for his bags. Leslie Arzt is giving him a suspicious, almost creepy stare.

Meanwhile, Kate is plotting her escape from the airport. She makes her way through a secure door by watching an employee type in the access code. As she makes her way to the taxi stand, Neil Frogurt stops her and makes her get in line. She gets behind Hurley who is complaining about using the term Outback, presumably for his restaurant, Mr. Clucks.

Kate then notices the Marshall Edward Mars talking to police officers when they both catch each other's eye. He comes after her but she makes a break for it by hi-jacking a cab. The cab driver is played by David H. Lawrence XVII who plays Eric Doyle on Heroes. Kate pulls a gun on him and then discovers the passenger in the back of the cab is none other than Claire Littleton.

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